Office Inspiration


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Well, our flooring is 99% done.  We really knocked out a ton of work this weekend on them. Unfortunately, we got to the last row and weren't able to finish because we don't have the right tool.  We're going back and forth between buying a table saw or renting one to finish up the project.  Once we have one, we should (should is always the operative word)  be able to finish pretty easily.

In the meantime, I've been gathering inspiration and really developing the plans for the space. I developed the mood board above to help pull everything together.  I'm always partial to blue and white, but I think I'm going to change things up a little by adding in some mustard tones.

We will tackle two large projects in the room (in addition to the floors).  We're planning on making a custom 12 foot desk using ikea dressers and a Formica desktop.  The workspace will be long enough for both of us to have our own space.   

We are also playing around with the idea of a floating daybed that can function as both a sofa and as a spare bed.  We have drawn up the plans and will likely start on it next weekend (if the floors go well!).  It will be  bit of a riff on our bench in the kitchen, which turned out to be one of our cheapest but favorite projects yet.

Using the mood board is always so helpful for me and helps me focus on what items I really want to bring into the space.  Do you pull together inspiration before starting a project?  Do you use a mood board? Pinterest?  Wing it?  Would love to hear from you!

Office Makeover: Demo


Changing Chaney Office Demo

Usually, we take our time planning and designing any renovations and work on our house.  This was not one of those times.  On Thursday, I texted Josh on a whim, "Do you want to rip up the floors in our second spare room and make an office?"  Like the wonderful husband that he is, he replied, "Sure. Let's start this weekend."  Weekend dates used to consist of going out to dinner, seeing a movie.  Now, they are spent ripping up carpet and covered in paint. And I'm more than OK with that.

Changing Chaney Offce

This room wasn't terrible, but also wasn't functioning as well as we know it can.  This is a picture from the MLS listing.  Since then, we put a twin bed in the corner and a desk on the wall.  It's been alright, but I find that it really has become a sort of dumping ground for random things because it really doesn't have a clear purpose.  We decided that an office space, that could still accommodate a twin bed for visitors, would be ideal.

While the carpet is fine, we've become big fans of laminate flooring and decided that the room would function better if we added them.  This weekend, we cleared the full room out, ripped up all the carpet, pulled out every last staple and tacking strip, and painted the walls.  

Changing Chaney
Changing Chaney

I'm kind of obsessed with it already. It feels SO much brighter-- it's really amazing what a coat of paint can do.  The carpet was also weighing down the space and wasn't doing us any favors. Painting is honestly one of my favorite things to do.  I think it's so relaxing and gratifying.  Josh offered to help, but I really enjoy doing it alone, playing some music, and just zoning out.  I went with Sherwin Williams Alabaster in matte.  This is my first time using a matte finish and I love it, it feels so luxe.  It did require more coats than I normally use, but definitely worth it. I've heard that the scrubability of matte paints has improved drastically, so we'll see. Luckily, since it's an office space, I'm not anticipating needing to clean it as much as a kitchen or bathroom.  

While I'm still finalizing the details of the space, I think I have a pretty clear idea of the final product.  I'm planning on blogging this renovation real time as we go-- so you'll be around for every step.  I haven't done that before, so you'll be along for the ride if (probably when) we have any hiccups....  That's part of this whole journey though, right?  Hope you'll come back next week-- we're planning to have all the floors down!

Completed Photo Ledge and Art Sources


Changing Chaney Art Ledge

Last week, I shared a tutorial for our gigantic art ledge.  I'm back today to share the final product, complete with our art sources.   Sticking with some of my favorite affordable art sources, I was able to keep the costs relatively low, but still achieve that collected look that I love.  It took me a while to land on the final pieces for the ledge, but I'm so happy with the final product.

Changing Chaney Art Ledge

From Left to Right....

  • The 8th grade middle school boy in me found this print from Costco just hysterical.  I wanted some text to balance out the images in the other pieces and this script and block letter combo worked great.
  • Another Costco print, I loved the color and the simplicity of this abstract triangle and rectangle image.  I love a black and white combo, and the blush softens the image.
  • Inspired by Rebecca Atwood's book Living with Pattern, I made my own potato print using an old napkin, a potato from the pantry, and navy blue paint.  Framing fabric is a nice change of texture compared to the other pieces on our ledge.
  • The fire escape stair photography is also from Costco and reminds me of my college house in the city.  The angles of the stairs are a nice juxtaposition to the curves of the potato print. 
Changing Chaney Art Ledge

From Left to Right..

  • The last of our Costco prints, the colors in this abstract really complimented the rest of our home.
  • This abstract by Katie Craig on Minted took my breath away.  The colors and the movement are beautiful and I've moved this piece from room to room in our house.
  • I took a to-go bag from the restaurant where Josh and I had our first date and popped it in a frame.  Every time I see this little cowfish, I think about our first date.  The rest is history, as they say!

For frames, I stuck with 3 main frames in different sizes and chunky white mats to give a uniform look.  I varied them horizontally and vertically to keep your eye moving from frame to frame and included two square frames to mix it up a bit more. 

Ikea Square Ribba Frame/ Ikea Rectangular Ribba/ 5X7 Gold Frame/ 11X14 Gold Frame

Changing Chaney Art Ledge

This ledge makes a huge impact in person-- it's even bigger than it looks in pictures-- and is a nice alternative to the very popular gallery wall.  I'm definitely enjoying this mix of art, but I also know myself, I might be switching it up in a month!