Meet Kacie 


Hey there!

Welcome to Changing Chaney!  I'm so excited you came and I hope you find inspiration here.  

After years of living in apartments and rental homes, I quickly dove into making our first home a reflection of our lives and personalities.  We loved our home from the second we stepped in, despite the work that it desperately needed. While I'm not a traditionally trained interior designer, I grew up in art classes and making things with my hands.  My dad is an incredible artist and my mom is the best entertainer I know.  I was lucky to inherit some of those talents, and a love for all things home, hostessing, and entertaining runs in my veins.  

I don't believe you have to spend a ton of money to make your home a sanctuary, but I do believe you need time.  Our house is a work in progress and the best homes are ones that are layered and collected over time.  Our house is changing, our lives are changing, and I'm honored to have you join us during the transformation.