7 Overnight Guest Essentials

With the holidays upon us, we're getting our home on Chaney Court ready for a constant stream of house guests and parties.  These 7 house guest essentials will make your visitors feel at home and ready to come back. 

Changing Chaney House Guest

A bedside carafe for water is my absolute favorite house guest essential.  The best thing you can do as a host is anticipate the needs of your visitor.  As a guest in someone's home, it can be tricky when you feel like you have to constantly ask for something.  Not only is a bedside carafe stylish, but it invites your guests to take care of their needs without asking you.  

Changing  Chaney Guest Essentials

It might seem silly, but a little sign with your wifi information goes a long way. Jot it down on a post it note, or you can be fancy and download a cute printable.  I like this free one, but there are tons of different options available.  

Changing Chaney Guest List Essentials

A set of extra toiletries is always a nice gesture.  I don't know about you, but almost always forget some kind of toiletry when I'm traveling or, I don't pack something because I  don't have it in a travel size and can't bring it on the airplane.  AND even if I have everything, it's so fun to try different products.   I like to corral toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, and some makeup removing pads in a pretty basket and set them on a dresser so that my guests know they are fair game to use.  

Changing Chaney Guest Essentials

A pretty magazine rack full of good reads. I'm loving this pretty one available at Target, but any will do. While Josh and I like to think that we are great hosts and that our guests will want to spend every waking hour with us, we know that everyone needs some alone time.  I love putting out a variety of magazines in our guestroom for our visitors to peruse and a pretty rack elevates the look.

Changing Chaney Guest Essentials

A candle and a cute matchbook are a must.  I love, love, love Voluspa's candles and am partial to this baltic amber scent.  Smells can really impact memories, so I like to make sure that our guestroom is packed with a signature scent. I also love Voluspa because, even when not lit, the jars as so pretty that they act as an sculptural object in your room.  

Changing Chaney Guest Essentials

I love leaving guests a thoughtful handwritten note to let them know any details about our home and to let them know how excited we are to have them.  I recently ordered these personalized cards from Minted and know I'll be using them in the upcoming season.  In a world so dominated by technology, the thought of a handwritten letter--instead of a quick text--goes a long way.

Changing Chaney Guest Essentials

I love putting out fresh flowers when we have overnight guests.  It's a small thing, but it shows people that we're excited to have them over and brightens up the room.  My mom almost always puts a vase out with a cute arrangement when we go home and it really just makes me feel so special. When your guests leave, bring them over to your bedroom to enjoy them even longer!

I hope you try some of all of these for your next overnight guests.  The little things can really go a long way and will leave your visitors wanting to stay with you over in a hotel.  I know this is an especially busy time of the year, and keeping track of all that you need to do and remember can be almost impossible.  With this in mind, I made a free little checklist below that  you can use as you're gearing up for the holiday season.   Because remembering is just one more thing you don't need to worry about!  Happy hosting!

Changing Chaney Guest Checklist