Barcart Rescue


I have been looking for the perfect bar cart for our house since we moved in last summer.  I was struggling to find something that fit the bill-- they were the wrong size, too expensive, or wood when I knew I wanted metal.  

I was perusing Craigslist, one of my favorite Friday night activities, when I saw this beautiful tea cart listed in a nearby county.  It wasn't the right color, it was pretty dingy, and needed some love, but I knew it was perfect.  

Once I got it home, I immediately began rehabbing it.  I removed the random rack on the bottom, antiqued the mirrored glass, and gave the whole thing a coat of gold paint.  Then, it was time for the fun part--styling.  

I love barcarts that are styled like a piece of furniture.  They are functional, yes, but including sculptural and decorative items takes them to the next level.  This piece works hard in our living room-- it stores our glassware, spirits, and bartools, but also acts as a focal point in the room.  I love how it almost invites conversation.  In a world where we spend so much time behind a screen, an unplugged night with a cocktail and good company is a much welcomed change of pace. 


Not ones to take ourselves too seriously, we adore the smoking nuns photo above the bar.  A nod to our Catholic upbringings, Josh and I can't help but smile, kick back, and relax as we pour our favorite gin and tonics.  


A few tips for styling a bar cart in your home:

  • Treat your barcart like a piece of furniture.  Add sculptural elements-- like the wishbone and the trophy cups-- to increase interest. Don't be afraid to incorporate nature-- flowers, plants, and fruits are all fair game. 
  • Don't take yourself too seriously!  Barcarts should be a little quirky and fun.  Let your freak flag fly.  This is about having a small place in your home dedicated to a good drink-- no need to formalize it.
  • Stock up on mixers.  While it's assumed that your barcart will have spirits on it, keeping a few mixers on hand allows you to create a custom cocktail in a pinch and will give you options for folks who may not drink alcohol.
  • Corral your glassware in a tray.  Just like using a tray on a coffee table helps organize your objects (everything looks better in a tray!) the same is true with a barcart.
  • Be mindful of height.  Many spirit bottles are around the same height.  Adding in some higher pieces, like this trophy filled with mother-in-law's tongue, helps vary the heights and adds more visual interest.

It's safe to say we're enjoying the barcart and all the fun that has come along with it.  Give it a shot-- you don't need an official barcart.  Any kind of table will do-- have fun with it!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Labor Day weekend. We're knee deep in painting our guestroom, but the progress has been incredible. On another note, the blog Classy Clutter featured our dining room on their Instagram feed.  So exciting! I was DEFINITELY geeking out. Check it out if you have a few minutes!