Beige and Boring: The "Before" Tour

House hunting was a lot like the hunger games.  Houses were flying off the market. We would see a listing and before we could even schedule a visit, it would be sold. Mom always says that things happen for a reason, and the adage was true. We ended up with our dream home, at the right price, in a great neighborhood. I was so excited about buying a house that a cardboard box got me excited. Josh, the more practical one in the relationship, was a harder sell. We looked at a lot of properties-- each with their pros and cons.

When we walked into Chaney, his whole demeanor changed-- it sounds silly, but it looked like he was home. By the time we were on the back patio, we were ready to put in an offer. After a bidding war, Chaney was ours. The next few weeks consisted of frequent drives past the house. If there wasn't a car in the driveway, we would drive down the cul de sac and just stare at the house. When we did see a car, we would drive very creepily past the entrance several times.

It got a little weird. If we would have closed any later, I'm pretty sure someone would have called the police on us.

We slept on the floor the first night in the house-- tipsy off the bottle of champagne we consumed. It was ours and we were beyond excited.

While it is the perfect home for us, we planned on making big changes. I am lucky that Josh usually trusts my vision and goes along with my crazy ideas. Before we get into the progress (and we certainly have many more projects to go!) here is a tour of our home before. Lots of beige. Lots of builders grade. Lots of damage from the 2 huge dogs the previous owners owned. But. Lots of potential -- and that's the important part.

It's so funny looking at the before pictures -- lots has happened here in 4 months. Can't wait to share our changes.