Client Project: Painted Bamboo Table

Sorry for the delay in posting! Spring is such a busy time!

I thought I would share a project I just finished up for a client who connected with me through a yard sale website on Facebook (side bar: do you all do the yard sale websites on Facebook? They are THE BEST!)

Bamboo furniture is trendy right now. I have two pieces and I get tons of compliments on them. Rebecca's piece had amazing details, but was definitely stuck in the 70's with its beige and black speckled finish.

Rebecca had an awesome inspiration photo, which let us work from a common shared vision:

So, after we aligned on what Rebecca wanted, I picked up the piece from her house. I did a standard painting procedure -- sanded down the whole piece, primed, sanded again, painted with Design Master's Raspberry paint and applied a shiny coat of poly to seal it off. I used this method from one of my favorite bloggers to strip the hardware -- the handles were painted with the same paint as the piece. I put the hardware in a crockpot over night and the paint just fell off, revealing the original, amazing bronze. We decided to finish them off with a gold spray paint to give them that extra shine.

It was a blast to work with Rebecca and help her achieve her vision for the piece. I can't wait to see it styled up at her house!