Confessions of an Online Shopping Addict

There. I've said it.  I have a slight online shopping addition.  I also have an in-person shopping addition.  And a flea market, grocery, and thrift store shopping addiction.  What can I say?  I don't discriminate when it comes to shopping....

Unfortunately, this isn't always a cheap hobby. But, with a few tricks and tips, I've found ways make sure I'm getting the best bargain possible and I'm excited to share two today.

For when you know EXACTLY what you want:   

You've been scouring the internet for the perfect rug.  You know the exact measurements you need and the colors you're striving for.  You finally find it.  The perfect rug.  Before adding that beauty to your cart, head over to Google Images to do a reverse search to make sure you're getting the best deal.

Let's say I decide on this rug that I find on  It's a 9X12 for $360.00.

Changing Chaney Online Shopping

Hi pretty!  I know, the desire to snag it up is strong.  But before I enter my VISA number, I always save a copy of the image to my desk top and then head over to google.  I change the search function over to "image" search and click on the little camera icon.

Changing Chaney Online Shopping

Then, upload the picture of the rug that you saved on your desk top and hit search. Google will search for visually similar images and I can see all of the different stores that are selling that item.  From there, I can compare the prices across multiple stores.  I continue to be AMAZED at the differences in costs.  I also make sure to see if the site is running any sales, which could knock off an additional few dollars.   Take this rug for example. Home Depot has the best cost, with over $100 in savings, but I wouldn't have known without reverse searching. If I would have added to my cart from RugsUSA, I would have paid $360.00 for the exact same rug.  Crazy!

Changing Chaney Online Shopping

I know!  You're welcome :)

For when you're looking for an item, but don't have an exact one in mind:

I love this trick for when I'm feeling a little lucky.  Let's say I'm in the market for a new rug, but I don't have my heart set on anything in particular.  I know a rough size I'm looking for, maybe some colors, but other than that, I'm pretty open.  Let's also say that I haven't been paid in a while, so I'm watching my spending.

Enter the "AS IS" section on  This is such a hidden gem and you won't believe the deals you can find if you're willing to hunt a little.  Head over to and type in "as is" in the search field. 

Changing Chaney Online Shopping

And then, let the scrolling begin. It's important to note that these items are "as is" items, so they may have some damage.  I look closely at the description to see why the item was returned.  I've seen a lot of rugs with the reason "does not lay flat" listed.  News flash: most rugs don't lay flat when you first buy them and need to be weighted down for a while-- they have been rolled up for months, so it will take some time.  It's worth saving the money, to me.

Changing Chaney Online Shopping
Changing Chaney

As you can see with this runner, the reason listed is "Item has hair" which probably sounds a little sketchy, but I would guess it is actually that the rug is shedding, which most of them do.  It's definitely a bit of a gamble but for a savings of $30, it's one I would probably take.  Of course, it's important to use discretion, but for the most part, I figure I could resell it on Craigslist if it was really bad and recoup some of my money.  I grew up with gamblers and I like living life on the edge sometimes.  I know. I'm wild.

I hope these two tips can save you a bit of money on your next shopping spree.  With the holidays coming up, I know every penny counts.   Thanks to all of you who subscribed last week!  I'm excited to reach out for your pictures.  If you didn't subscribe last week, I'd still love for you to do so!  Click on the side bar, or visit the "Contact" page.