Lower Deck

One of the major selling points for our house was the double level deck.   I knew I wanted to make one of the levels more of a lounge area and the other a dining space.  Today, I’ll be sharing the work we did on the lounge area—the “lower deck” as we like to call it.  As you can see, we started with a blank slate.  

The sectional really makes the space.  The lower deck isn’t huge, so I knew the furniture had to have a smaller profile.  This Mercury Row sectional fit the bill—both in size and in price.  I really wanted a white cushion, but I knew that between the weather and the wine, we’d never be able to keep it white.  I’m glad we went with the navy, though—it has really held up and, because I use a lot of blue in the house, it makes the outside feel like an additional room. 

I’ve been obsessed with banana leaf print lately, and I loved that these outdoor pillows had some navy in them to tie into the sectional.  I wanted to make sure the sectional looked like a piece of indoor furniture, so I did some pattern mixing to make the space feel more collected.  The rug was a Groupon Goods find. 

One of my other favorite details is the stump end table.  I made it from a log I found on the side of the road, stripped the bark, and sealed it.  I also love my pot head on top—pun intended. 

The lights were easy to hang.  I cut a few pieces of plumbing pipe and secured them to the deck with a bracket.  I put a small hook into the siding to attach them to the house.  They add a perfect bit of whimsy to the space. 

It’s not completely done, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying it.  While I don’t mind the pipe, when the weather cools off, I want to build a privacy screen that I’ll attach the lights to.  I’d also like a add something decorative to the brick, but I can’t quite figure out what yet.

We love the space.  It’s been a great place to hang out with friends and feels like we have a whole other room to entertain.  Some of my favorite memories this summer have been having a drink under the lights, technology free, watching the fireflies.  When did I get so old?