Meet Perfect...the Enemy of Good (and a freebie!)

Today's post is a little more personal than I normally share. If you're just reading for the freebie, skip right on down to the end.  No judgement.  Promise.  

Changing Chaney Living Room

There is a reason why you haven't seen a full picture of our living room....or family room....or bedroom.... should I keep going?

It's because, in my mind, they aren't done.  They haven't reached the perfect mix that I dream of. They are missing something... or missing a lot of things.  They just aren't right yet. They are my deleted scenes, and blogs are supposed to only show your highlight roll. 

And so I zoom in. I ignore.  I crop out all the "not done" corners.  

Oftentimes, though, these spaces are truly "good enough."  They aren't perfect, but, when I look at them with gentler eyes, I know they are actually ok.  They aren't done, sure, but when are things ever done? Ever complete?  Ever perfect?

Changing Chaney Living Room

And so, as I go into the first week in my thirties (!?), I'm charging myself with embracing the undone.  I'm trying to be gentler on myself.  To be thankful for what I have and enjoy the untidy ride.  And because, maybe, being done is actually just being complacent.  Which is not the way to live.

Our living room is one of those good, for now, spaces that I decided to share today.  Clicking the publish button on this post will certainly push me out of my comfort zone, but let's be real. There are far, far worse things that could happen than sharing a photo of a "good enough" "work in progress" living room.  

Changing Chaney Living Room
Changing Chaney Living Room

Our living room, despite it's undone stage, is still my favorite spot in our home.  I love to turn on the lights above the builtin bookshelves, pour a gin & tonic from our bar cart, and snuggle up on the sectional.  But, it's still missing a few things and not all of the projects are complete. 

The wall above the couch is challenging me.  I have been driving around with 12 Ikea frames in the trunk of my car for over 3 months for a gallery wall that I thought would be the perfect. But something doesn't feel right-- it feels like I'm rushing to fill the space, like I'm just settling on something, instead of taking the time, doing the collecting I love to do, and finding the right thing to bring into our home.  Maybe it's the Ikea frames.  Maybe it isn't.  But why am I rushing? We're going to be in this place for a while.

Changing Chaney Living Room

And this end table?  It's taken at least 3 years off my life, and likely has another 2 more to go.  I bought it at a yardsale because I loved its silhoutte, but I didn't love the original teal color.  So I've been stripping it, and sanding it, and stripping it again.  The chemicals have burned my hands in some places, and you can see it's not all down to the bare wood just yet.  But we're getting there, and the beautiful wood grain is starting to shine through. 

And I need a rug.  Badly.  But they are pricey and I know it needs to be big.  I'm committed to waiting until I can afford the right thing, and not just something to ground the space.  And pillows, I need some.  Well...maybe need isn't the right word, but you understand....

Changing Chaney Living Room

And so, in the spirit of not being perfect and enjoying the ride, I thought I would offer a freebie.  If there is a space in your house that feels undone, I'd love to try and help.  Every person who subscribes to my blog can send me a picture of one space in your house that doesn't feel right.  That doesn't bring you joy.  I'll offer you some advice, products that you might consider buying, and thoughts on how to use other pieces you might already have in your home to round out the area.  

By subscribing to the blog you'll get updates on when I publish a new post and maybe a newsletter or two down the line.  That's it!  All you need to do is input your email address on the right side of the screen, or in the "Contact Me" section.  Once you're subscribed, I'll reach out to get your picture so we can get to work on updating your space.

And notice how I said "update"?  Let's move away from saying perfect, finish,  or complete. Let's get it good enough to enjoy, because, let's be real.  Perfection is impossible. And it's really, really boring.'s come a long way from looking like this.....

Changing chaney before
Changing Chaney living room

Thanks for reading a more personal post this week.  Looking forward to seeing some of your spaces!