One Year with Painted Cabinets


Changing Chaney Painted Cabinets

I've had several people ask me about our painted cabinets lately.  We've been living in Chaney for over a year and our painted cabinets were one of our very first projects.  If you ask me if I would do them again, my answer without doubt is a big, old YES!  Remember what they started as? WOOF!

Changing Chaney Kitchen Before
Changing Chaney Painted Cabinets

The difference is really pretty amazing. While it was not a costly investment, it definitely took lot of time and elbow grease.  I would do it again in a second, but thought I would share some of the pros and the cons of painted cabinets so you can make an informed decision for your own home.  


  • You really CANNOT beat the bang for your buck. Replacing our cabinets was totally out of our budget when we moved to Chaney.  Painting them completely transformed their look, and cost less than $200, and that includes buying a paint gun!
  • Painting your cabinets, instead of replacing them right away, allows you to live in your kitchen for a while to learn your habits. Eventually, I think we will replace our cabinets, but now-- after living here for over a year-- I know exactly how we move in our kitchen and what kind of cabinets/layout would fit our lifestyle.  Had we replaced them right away, I would have made an uninformed decision that cost us a lot of money.  
  • White cabinets have made our kitchen feel so.much.larger.  It feels like we added square footage to our kitchen.  
  • It's a blank canvas. I love that we can bring in tons of different colors through our accessories and they really pop.  We have been able to incorporate a lot of blues and pinks in our artwork above our dining nook and fun pops of blue in our tea towels, etc. We plan on slowly replacing our appliances and our countertops, and with white cabinets we have a ton of flexibility in our choices and options.
Changing Chaney Painted Cabinets
Changing Chaney Painted Cabinets


  • They DO require more maintenance. I wash them down with Murphy's Wood Oil Soap every other month or so.  It's nothing SUPER noticeable, but you will see splatters from sauce or dirt on the cabinets you use often.  I find that I'm wiping down our silverware and plate cabinets most frequently-- which makes sense because we use them often.
  • Along those lines, you will likely see some chips in the paint.  Ours aren't hugely noticeable, and nothing that a quick touch up couldn't fix, but we do have a few chips on the cabinets under the sink.  
  • Painting your cabinets--and doing them well--is a LONG and detailed process.   I wouldn't say it was hard, but it was absolutely a lot of time. I think a big part of the reason we've seen so few chips/scuffs over the past year was because I put a ton of time into the prep stage.  If you aren't patient, or can't commit several weeks to completing the project, I would not recommend it.  
Changing Chaney painted cabinets
Changing Chaney painted cabinets

Despite the cons, I would 100% paint our cabinets again.  I may have a different perspective if we had kids, but for us, they are perfect.  What color are your kitchen cabinets? Would you consider painting them?