Three Things Thursday

Three things I'm loving this week:

Mother in law's tongue: I'm not so sure about the name, because I love my mother in law, but I can say that this is quickly becoming my favorite house plant.  It is the easiest plant to keep alive and it adds a lot of visual interest and height.  It can survive almost anywhere and is available at most big box hardware stores.

Clare Elsaesser's Etsy shop:  Clare Elsaesser is one of my favorite art sources right now.  I have one of her prints in our hallway and I adore it. I love the colors of Clare's work and the movement throughout.  We are starting our spare room makeover this weekend, and I'm definitely eyeing up a few of her prints to complete the space.

These West Elm bar tools:  I've been asking Josh to buy these for me daily.  I scored an amazing bar cart off craigslist a few weekends ago and these would be the perfect addition.  I love the marble base and the sleek stand.  I'll be sharing details on the bar cart soon, and hopefully, these tools will make an appearance!


Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful Labor Day weekend.