Three Things Thursday

Three things I'm digging this week:


This style quiz by My Domaine.  I'm kind of obsessed with taking decor style quizzes.  Knowing your personal decorating style helps so much when I'm out shopping and selecting things for our home.  While I can appreciate and love all types of decorating styles, knowing my own tastes helps me tune out the noise and only buy the items that I won't regret later.  While my style can change a bit year over year, I've kept the same slant throughout most of my life. I've really honed in on my style and would summarize in three phrases: Collected, comfortable, modern with a twist.  What's your style?  


Domino: The Book of Decorating.  Another book for you this week.  I purchased this book recently and I'm finding it to be a great guide for so many basic decor questions.  What's the right way to hang my art? How big should a rug be?  How high should curtains be hung?  Rules are absolutely meant to be broken sometimes, but I love having all of these answers at my finger tips.  Also, the book itself is beautiful, so not only is it functional, but it looks great on a coffee table or bookshelf.  


This copper serving set from Crate and Barrel.  I'm loving copper accents this fall.  This serving set would be beautiful to use all throughout the season, and especially at Thanksgiving.  Not only will these pieces work hard while you are entertaining, but they would also look amazing left out on your counter or dining room table styled up in a little vignette.  I'm considering purchasing them, and might watch them for a while to see if they go on sale.