Three Things Thursday

Three things I'm loving this week...

Changing Chaney 3 things

Katie Kime's Colorful Austin Home Tour: I'm LOVING this home tour.  The bright pops of color, the risks she takes, and the overall feel of the home makes me feel just like the heart eye emoji. I especially love the bold, black and white, graphic wallpaper in the dining room and how this lucite barcart  lets the wallpaper really shine.  

Changing Chaney Three Things

These plate sets by Yvonne Ellen are just precious.  She has a whole series of different animals that continue from the dinner plate to the salad plate. She has such cute tea cups and tea towels as well.  I could imagine doing a whole party around her pieces.  They aren't cheap, though.  I'm trying to think how I can hack a version of my own using my vinyl cutter-- or asking Santa (aka Josh) for my own set. 

Changing Chaney 3 things

Did you see that West Elm is starting a boutique hotel line?  I'm lucky to have two close by-- one in Charlotte and one in Savannah.  Every time I walk into a West Elm storefront, I feel like I could stay and make myself at home for the next week. I definitely hope to check out the hotels when they open and enjoy them overnight in my comfortable jammies ;)