Thrift Score Thursday

Some of you may have seen this score of the century on Instagram. I literally gasped when I saw it -- which happens in thrift stores more than I would like to admit. It's a raw wood, Drexel Heritage, wingback bed, and it's perfect, and it's huge -- but more on that later.

In general, I have three rules/ guidelines when it comes to thrifting. The first is that the more frequently I go, the better my odds. I try to hit up my normal spots once a week. The vast majority of the time, I walk out empty handed, but going more often definitely yields more finds. My second rule is that, if it looks decent in the store, it will look great in the house. This bed, for example, was surrounded by ratty rugs, socks, mattresses, and general thrift store chaos. I can pretty easily see past the clutter and imagine the object in my house. Lastly, I can't go thrifting with a certain object in mind -- because I'll never find it. I have an ongoing list of things I need for the house, and I keep all of my measurements in my phone in case I need to check on the size, but generally, I go thrifting not looking for anything in particular. It's beyond frustrating to be looking for a dresser and find anything but.

That's the thing with thrifting -- you have to enjoy the hunt. For me, the story behind many of the objects in our house is what I take pride in. Sure, I could go to HomeGoods and buy what I need (and trust me, I definitely LOVE me some HomeGoods), but I know my best and most interesting pieces are the ones that are collected and have a story.

This bed is a great example. After having weekend visitors, our upstairs spare room bed broke! So, when I saw this bed, with all of its beautiful wood grain beauty, I knew I had to have it. One problem -- it was gigantic, wouldn't fit in my SUV, my husband was out of town, and our best friends with a truck were on vacation. I knew if I didn't snag it up right away, I would be out of luck. With a $200 price tag, this beauty wasn't lasting long.

So, I did what any [desperate] normal person would do -- I walked around the parking lot until I found someone with a truck and offered him $30 to drive it to my house. Duh.

I'm still alive and typing this. All good.

So, with a beautiful new bed, I'm getting ready to tackle our guest bedroom. Right now, it's a horrible sage green, but I'm excited to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I'm thinking dark slate wall to contrast with the light wood. The image below is my inspiration right now. I've got the most important part, so the rest is just the fun stuff!