A Thrifted Hat Wall


Changing Chaney Hat Wall

I might be biased, but I'm drooling over this thrifted hat wall I installed this weekend.  Ignore the broken off door casing-- we'll be fixing that next weekend. Reno problems. 

If you've been reading for a while, you know I love a collected look and often look to thrift stores to accomplish a sort of found aesthetic.

Changing Chaney Hat wall

I wanted our office to be my happy place-- and make me smile when I walk in.  One of our happiest places is Mexico, on the beach, drink in hand, wearing my vacation hat.  As I thought about art for the space, I decided to think a bit out of the box.

I'm a strong believer that art isn't limited to canvas. On a mission to recreate that Mexico, vacation hat feel, I started scouring thrift stores for straw hats.  Collections of items creates such a high, visually interesting impact.  Each hat was somewhere between $2-$4 dollars, costing me just $34 in total.  Way cheaper than a flight to Mexico. 

Changing Chaney Hat Wall

I've also been obsessed with recycled glass bead strands lately (note: I'm self aware enough to know that being obsessed with bead strands is really, really lame).  And I love them worked into this vignette-- they add just the right amount of texture and color to break up all the straw from the hats.   

Changing Chaney Hat Wall

The best part about this project (besides it making me feel like I'm in Mexico on a $34 airplane ticket) is that it was incredibly easy to put together. After giving them a good Lysol, all I did was tack a nail in through each hat to secure it to the wall.  I did one at a time and tweaked as I went-- truly a no-brainer.  To see how it all came together, make sure to watch the slideshow at the top of the post 

Thanks for coming by.  Our office is definitely coming together and is really feeling like a reflection of us-- my favorite.