Completed Photo Ledge and Art Sources


Changing Chaney Art Ledge

Last week, I shared a tutorial for our gigantic art ledge.  I'm back today to share the final product, complete with our art sources.   Sticking with some of my favorite affordable art sources, I was able to keep the costs relatively low, but still achieve that collected look that I love.  It took me a while to land on the final pieces for the ledge, but I'm so happy with the final product.

Changing Chaney Art Ledge

From Left to Right....

  • The 8th grade middle school boy in me found this print from Costco just hysterical.  I wanted some text to balance out the images in the other pieces and this script and block letter combo worked great.
  • Another Costco print, I loved the color and the simplicity of this abstract triangle and rectangle image.  I love a black and white combo, and the blush softens the image.
  • Inspired by Rebecca Atwood's book Living with Pattern, I made my own potato print using an old napkin, a potato from the pantry, and navy blue paint.  Framing fabric is a nice change of texture compared to the other pieces on our ledge.
  • The fire escape stair photography is also from Costco and reminds me of my college house in the city.  The angles of the stairs are a nice juxtaposition to the curves of the potato print. 
Changing Chaney Art Ledge

From Left to Right..

  • The last of our Costco prints, the colors in this abstract really complimented the rest of our home.
  • This abstract by Katie Craig on Minted took my breath away.  The colors and the movement are beautiful and I've moved this piece from room to room in our house.
  • I took a to-go bag from the restaurant where Josh and I had our first date and popped it in a frame.  Every time I see this little cowfish, I think about our first date.  The rest is history, as they say!

For frames, I stuck with 3 main frames in different sizes and chunky white mats to give a uniform look.  I varied them horizontally and vertically to keep your eye moving from frame to frame and included two square frames to mix it up a bit more. 

Ikea Square Ribba Frame/ Ikea Rectangular Ribba/ 5X7 Gold Frame/ 11X14 Gold Frame

Changing Chaney Art Ledge

This ledge makes a huge impact in person-- it's even bigger than it looks in pictures-- and is a nice alternative to the very popular gallery wall.  I'm definitely enjoying this mix of art, but I also know myself, I might be switching it up in a month!