Gratitude and 2017 Plans


Ummm.... hi!  It's been a little while! The holidays came and went in a total blur.  We had a particularly busy holiday season here at Chaney Court.  Between several large parties we hosted here (we had over 100 people at our house between November and December), to a family Thanksgiving, a broken drying machine and water heater within a week of each other, and traveling back to Pittsburgh and Cleveland for the holidays, finding a spare minute to blog was tricky.  On top of that, we were selected to partner with Lowes Home Improvement and the East Coast Creative blog for a makeover of our master bedroom.  I can't divulge details right now, but am SO excited to share in the upcoming months.  

That said, it feels good to be writing again.  I started this blog a year ago on New Year's Eve. We were sitting around the table with some dear friends and sharing our hopes and goals for 2016.  On a whim, I shared that I wanted to start a blog to document our adventures of home ownership and my slow progression to becoming a self-proclaimed homebody.  Little did I know that this would become a much needed creative outlet during a difficult personal year.   Thank you for supporting me and my little piece of the internet.  It means more than any words I can type here.

When I look back on all that we accomplished at Chaney in 2016, I feel a real sense of pride in what Josh and I were able to achieve.  Our list  of projects is still long, and maybe never-ending, but we continue to learn and grow.  In fact, and a little less glamorous,  Josh recently figured out a beast of an electrical problem in our kitchen that took us over a year to solve (including seeking professional help)  and I couldn't be more proud of him.  Not all of our updates have been Instagram worthy, but we've continued to invest in our home, our sanctuary, and our favorite place to be.

In 2017, I have several projects and goals I'd like to accomplish. I thought it would be fun to put this here so I can look back next year and see where we landed.  One small New Year's Resolution last year resulted in a year's worth of blogging and a new creative space, so why not?  

2017 Home Projects:

Laundry Room Renovation:  We recently purchased a new washer/dryer which sent my wheels spinning into how to make the room more functional.  I've sketched up some plans, which includes new cabinets, a sink, and a tile backsplash.  We haven't decided on the timeline, but I am eager to get started.

Kitchen Tweaks: I have a few small aesthetic updates in mind for the kitchen including building a vent hood cover, installing a backsplash, getting rid of a few cabinets in exchange for some open shelving and potentially new countertops.  

Guest Room Completion: I have probably 70% of the room finished.  I'm still searching for some furniture and need to accessorize, but I'd like to get this completed in 2017. Truthfully, I sort of lost motivation to finish-- not going to lie, friends!

Backyard Zones:  If you didn't know it, our backyard is huge.  Right now, we aren't taking full advantage of the large, private space.  I have no idea what to do-- it's such a different scale than inside-- but I'd like to figure something out :)

2017 Personal Goals

I know this tends to be  blog dedicated to our home updates, but I wanted to also share some personal, lifestyle goals for the year as well to hold myself accountable.

Gratitude Journal: I started a gratitude journal in 2016 and was pretty faithful for several months.  Every night, I jotted down a few things I was thankful for and it really was good for me.  Somewhere along the line, I fell off track and I'd like to get back consistently in 2017.  

12 Dinner Parties:  I'm so excited about this one.  I want to try to host at least 1 dinner party a month. I find that we often wait until big, special events to have people over.  We love working on our home, we love cooking and entertaining, and we love our friends and family, so I think this will be a good one for us!

Cuba Trip: Josh and I have been talking about this for several months and are in the early stages of planning.  We're hoping to go in June/July and have started finding flights and casa particulares (Cuba's version of a hotel). This will be our longest trip together (shooting for 2 weeks) and I'm excited to plan for the trip and experience a very different culture.

Quality AND Function purchases: I've been reading a lot about the value of buying functional items that are beautiful and quality, as opposed to cheap.  I can be the worst with this. Tupperware is a key example for me-- I get the cheap, flimsy gladware, and then, I treat it like garbage because I don't care about it.  I don't like storing my food in it and I'm not invested in treating it with care.  It brings me no joy. And so, I buy it over and over again because I throw it away, ruin it, loose it, you know the deal.  In 2017, I'd like to try to spend money on better quality functional items that I will appreciate more.  I have incredible, beautiful silverware (thanks to my wonderful Aunt!) and I treat it with such care and it makes me SO happy, even though it's a totally functional item.  

I'll be back next week to share a MASSIVE, 8 foot photo ledge I built from scratch that's quickly becoming one of my favorite little updates in our home.  I hope this first week of 2017 is kind, refreshing, and wonderful to you and your family.