Office Inspiration


office inspo-page-001.jpg

Well, our flooring is 99% done.  We really knocked out a ton of work this weekend on them. Unfortunately, we got to the last row and weren't able to finish because we don't have the right tool.  We're going back and forth between buying a table saw or renting one to finish up the project.  Once we have one, we should (should is always the operative word)  be able to finish pretty easily.

In the meantime, I've been gathering inspiration and really developing the plans for the space. I developed the mood board above to help pull everything together.  I'm always partial to blue and white, but I think I'm going to change things up a little by adding in some mustard tones.

We will tackle two large projects in the room (in addition to the floors).  We're planning on making a custom 12 foot desk using ikea dressers and a Formica desktop.  The workspace will be long enough for both of us to have our own space.   

We are also playing around with the idea of a floating daybed that can function as both a sofa and as a spare bed.  We have drawn up the plans and will likely start on it next weekend (if the floors go well!).  It will be  bit of a riff on our bench in the kitchen, which turned out to be one of our cheapest but favorite projects yet.

Using the mood board is always so helpful for me and helps me focus on what items I really want to bring into the space.  Do you pull together inspiration before starting a project?  Do you use a mood board? Pinterest?  Wing it?  Would love to hear from you!