Some new floors and a massive desk

Not a ton of pretty pictures in today's post, but definitely a lot of progress being made in our office.

Changing Chaney Floors

The floors are in!!

It really is amazing to watch a room come together and how even small changes can make a space feel totally new and exciting.  The new crisp walls, the lighter and cleaner floors and the space is just breathing new air.  

Josh is becoming quite the floor installer. It started with our entire first floor, then our master, and now our office. We knocked out 90% of the floors on a single Saturday, but that last 10% is always the hardest. We didn't have the right tool to finish, and we couldn't make up our mind if we wanted to rent or buy, which ended up stalling the process.  We decided to buy a new table saw, and Josh couldn't be more excited about his new tool.  Truthfully, I'm kind of loving it too!

The floors, Pergo London Oak, are a beautiful, light oak color with gray undertones.  They have an amazing texture to them that really makes them look and feel like real wood.  Plus, the wide plank cut our installation time down significantly-- SO many fewer cuts. Which means less measuring.  Less cutting.  Less mistakes.  MUCH happier couple.  

But let me introduce you to the real stunner of the space....

Say hello to our 12 foot beauty of a custom desk.  She's in and

Yes. I've decided my desk is female.  But No. She isn't real Calcutta marble.


Let me back up a minute.  I knew I wanted the desk to span the full length of the wall with some real storage options. I looked everywhere and nothing fit the bill.  Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I started designing a desk that would function well for our family.  I knew I wanted something that had deep drawers to store my jewelry and Josh's extensive collection of math textbooks.  I also knew that I wanted the option to fit two chairs comfortably, should we ever both want to work at the same time.  Lastly, I wanted something bright and airy since the room itself is pretty small.

I turned to IKEA for the basic MALM dressers.  I may give them a facelift at some point and paint them navy and/or add some hardware-- but for now, I'm going to keep it clean and classic.

And that desktop?  It's LAMINATE!!!  I'm not kidding you.  I ordered a custom counter top (like you would order for your kitchen) from Lowes. It took several weeks to come in, but it was completely worth the wait. I was a little skeptical if it would really look like marble-- but it's a dead ringer and a fraction of the cost.  I'm talking $200 opposed to several thousand.  And I'm obsessed with it.  Obsessed.

This weekend is baseboards and securing the desk into the studs of the wall.  It's pretty sturdy right now, but Josh is Mr. Safety so still a few more steps until we're totally done there.

And how about a sneak peek of the other side of the room?  What, you think I was only going to show you reno pictures in this post?  I know you come here for the pretty pictures.  

More to come!  Stay tuned!