Three Things Thursday

Three things I'm loving this week

Changing Chaney 3 things

This cozy, layered home tour.  I've you've been around for a while, you know I adore a layered and collected look and this beautiful home nails it.  I love the mix of old and new, high-end and thrifted.  More than anything, though, more than any pillow or any wallpaper, is the story behind that GORGEOUS chesterfield sofa. It was her grandparents' when they first got married. That is the kind of decorating I strive for.  There is not a sofa in the world more beautiful than that- no matter the budget.     

Three Things Changing Chaney

The How I Built This Podcast. I know, I'm on a podcast bender, but if you ONLY listen to one of my recommendations, make it this one.  It highlights entrepreneurs and the brands they built. The woman who made Spanx? She is sheer genius and a complete badass-- she actually convinced the head buyer of Neiman Marcus to follow her into the bathroom to see how Spanx really worked!  Did you know that the guy who built AirBnB raised capital funding by selling boxes of Cheerios with President Obama's face glued to the box for $40.00 a pop? Me either. Josh and I have been sitting on our pack porch with a drink for me, a cigar for him, under our twinkle lights and listen for hours.  The stories are so inspiring and push me to keep hustling.  

Changing Chaney 3 things

I cannot shake these Safavieh Color Swirl Table Lamps.  I think I need to do a post about my deep, deep adoration of lamps and lighting in general-- I love layering lighting sources and a good lamp can transform a room. But THESE lamps? They are absolutely incredible.  They come in several different colors and I can see them working in a bedroom, dining room, entryway, anywhere really.  Their shapes are traditional, but the warm brass bottom and the modern splatter pattern give them a bit of an eclectic edge. LOVE!